Tips to Improve your Visual Marketing

Do you struggle with finding great images for your website and social media?  Are you finding that stock images just don't portray you and your brand the way you want?  Visual marketing has come a long way in the past few years and viewers expect to see professional looking images on a website now.   If you are blogging or adding imges on your social media platform, here are some tips to improve them.

1.  Think about your background.  For mobile phone pictures as well as behind the scenes videos, your background is as important as your subject.  Often it only takes a slight shift in position to improve it.

2.  Always have good lighting!  Here is an experiment.  Take a selfie with your cell phone facing away from a window then turn around, face the window and take another.  Can you see the difference?  Here is mine.

3.  If you are having a professional photographer take your headshot (I call it personal branding because it is more than a headshot now!) make sure to discuss how you want to be seen.  Ask them for advice.  Find out what clothing will suit you and your brand, what location is best, and most importantly, tell them how you want to be portrayed. 

4.  Think about the images on your website and social media as a package, they all need to be consistant.  Not necessarliy the same but they need to reflect who you and your business are.

5.  Try using an editor like Snapseed.  There are tools and filters you can use to make some big improvements in your images. 

I invite you to a free phone call or consulting session with me to discuss your personal branding.  There is no obligation.




Transformation at the Healing Garden

Transformation at the Healing Garden

t's not often that women get to have a fun night out just for themselves!  Makeup artist LIz Sullivan and myself sponsored a fundraiser for The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, MA called "Get Your Glam On!"  We offered women a chance to come to us with the clothes they wanted to be photographed in.  We provided make up and a photo session.  We loved seeing how these women were able to shine in their own way bringing their personalities into each portrait.  Most of them told me they were not photogenic and hated to have their picture taken.  This all changed after they saw their images and realized how beautiful they truly are, inside and out.

As the year winds down and the weather cools, families come together

In this season of celebrations, there are many shared family times that are special in their rarity - happening perhaps once or twice a year. It's a time to see who's grown taller, who's graduated, who's been promoted, who's traveled to new places. 

Intergenerational portraits by Catherine Pfau Photography are a special opportunity to create a lasting family memory together.

Intergenerational portraits by Catherine Pfau Photography are a special opportunity to create a lasting family memory together.

Every year the stories change as each member of the family has personal life experiences. Bringing multiple generations together for a portrait session is something I love to do. This moment in time in your family's legacy is fleeting. 

Why not gift yourselves with lasting family memories? As soon as you book an intergenerational portrait session with Catherine Pfau Photography, your family can begin the excitement of creating a new family memory. It starts with the anticipation as you decide and coordinate what you will all wear and how you will come together, continues during the fun of the day itself, and comes full circle on the day when you see the photographs and decide which ones you love. The portrait session is itself another family memory for your memory box and the photos can be enjoyed and shared for many years to come.